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The World Changes Church New York will have a new home starting November 1, 2012. Premier Partners Inc. represented ownership First Paradise Theater Corp. in leasing this magnificent theater in the Bronx to the church. Jones Lang LaSalle represented WCC in the transaction.  This will be the highest and best use for the theater and a welcomed addition to the Bronx Community!

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July 16th, 2010 10:48 AM
It seems that money is starting to flow again. I checked the development site at 23rd Street and 10th Avenue and the cement is being poured and the project is on its way.  There seems to be much more activity in the area as I walked the streets yesterday.  People who are holding back buying will be sorry once again two years from now when land and building prices are flying upward.

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I have been focusing on finding development sites for boutique hotels in the trendy areas of New York City. We have expanded our search for development sites for condos or hotels any where in Manhattan.  I think the debt market is starting to open up for quality projects and the cost of land is going to go up dramatically by 2011. If you know of an interesting site minimum 60,000 square feet buildable please contact me. The customers I am working with are willing to joint venture with other people.

Buying the debt on distressed properties and forclosing is the way some deals are being done today which is a tough process. We are  willing to entertain this process if we think the site is exciting enough.

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April 30th, 2010 3:52 PM

Opening boutique hotels in New York City has become the hottest new field in the industry the past seven years.  There has been a slow down in new development due to the recession the past few years but things are starting to heat up again.

There are no bad areas in New York City anymore. Hotels are opening on the Far West Side, the Lower East Side, Harlem etc.etc.etc.

I represent a number of major hotel companies that are looking to open  in Manhattan so I have become an expert in finding and developing sites for boutique hotels.

It is exciting to walk the streets of NYC and see all the new "cool" hotels that are opening. 



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